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RODIÑO (BOQUEIXÓN, A CORUÑA) – Measurement of deformations in a masonry wall

Second measurement of a masonry wall in Rodiño, Boqueixón Council (A Coruña). We want to measure if possible, using terrestrial laser scanner, the existing deformations on a masonry wall when subjected to loading. Now, we have measured the loaded masonry wall and after that, we will carry out a comparison with data obtained during our first visit.

3D colored point cloud belonging to a masonry wall in Rodiño

Fine details appearing in the colored 3D point cloud

In addition, a GPR survey was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of this technique in detecting the different ashlars’ blocks that compose the masonry wall. The survey was conducted using the 800 MHz antenna. Observing the GPR data, was possible to identify a series of flat reflections, which are continuous throughout the radargram and those could be most probably produced by the contact between the rows (R1). Some hyperbolic reflections were also identified (R2), which could be caused by the joints (presence of air) between adjoining blocks.

GPR data acquired with the 800 MHz antenna